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Did you know?

Levemir® FlexPen®

> Can be used by children as young as 2 years old with type 1 diabetes
> Is Pregnancy Category B
> Can be used in combination with a GLP-1 therapy and diabetes pill

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New to Levemir® (insulin detemir [rDNA origin] injection) FlexPen®?

Taking Levemir® (insulin detemir [rDNA origin] injection) after diabetes pills may be helpful for some people. You may be adding Levemir® to your diabetes pills, or changing to Levemir® FlexPen® from vial and syringe or another insulin therapy. Whichever path you have taken, Levemir® can help you control your blood sugar and get to goal.

In addition to other diabetes medications

Sometimes taking a diabetes pill is not enough to control your blood sugar levels. In this case, you may find it helpful to add Levemir® FlexPen® to your treatment plan.

Benefits of adding Levemir® to your diabetes medicines may include:

  • Low rate of hypoglycemia. In studies, people who began taking Levemir® FlexPen® had a low rate of low blood sugar, also called hypoglycemia
  • Blood sugar under control. Taken once a day for type 2 diabetes, Levemir® FlexPen® helps keep blood sugar levels under control for up to 24 hours

Transitioning to Levemir® FlexPen® from another insulin therapy

The benefits of transitioning to Levemir® FlexPen® from another long-acting insulin therapy may include:

  • One-to-one conversion. The same dose of Levemir® FlexPen® can be taken as other insulin therapies—1 unit of Levemir® is the same as 1 unit of glargine. The dose of Levemir® should then be adjusted to achieve glycemic targets. In some patients with type 2 diabetes, more Levemir® may be required than NPH insulin. Work with your healthcare team to determine the appropriate dose for you.
  • Covered by most health insurance plans. Levemir® FlexPen® is covered on more than 90% of managed care plans

Transitioning to Levemir® FlexPen® from a vial and syringe

Not all insulin delivery is the same. While many people still use a vial and syringe to take their insulin, many others have found the Levemir® FlexPen® to be an option that can be taken almost anywhere.

Learn more about the benefits of changing from vial and syringe to Levemir® FlexPen® on the following page, which addresses delivery options for Levemir® insulin therapy.

Talk to your doctor

If you’re currently on another diabetes therapy but your blood sugar isn’t well-controlled, talk to your doctor. Together you can decide if Levemir® FlexPen® is right for you. For help with talking to your doctor, you can use our Doctor Discussion Guide.

Selected Important Safety Information

What are the possible side effects of Levemir®?

• Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), including when too much is taken. Some symptoms include sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. Severe low blood sugar can cause unconsciousness, seizures, and death.

• Other side effects include injection site reactions (like redness, swelling, and itching), skin thickening or pits at the injection site, if taken with thiazolidinediones (TZDs) possible heart failure, and weight gain.

Please click here for additional Important Safety Information