See how Levemir® can help your body control blood sugar day and night

When you have diabetes, your body may not be making enough insulin to control your blood sugar or may prevent the insulin you do make from working correctly. Levemir® is a man-made insulin that can help provide the insulin your body needs between meals and while you’re sleeping.

As a long-acting (or basal) insulin, Levemir® provides blood sugar control for up to 24 hours and lowers your A1C.

Levemir® works with other diabetes medicines

Diabetes care starts with a good diet and exercise plan and may include a treatment option that is right for you. This treatment may include taking insulin, or a combination of insulin and other medicine.

Levemir® long-acting insulin can be taken with other diabetes medicines, such as:

  • Diabetes pills
  • Noninsulin injection
  • Insulin (basal and/or bolus)

Talk to your health care provider about other medicines you take, as they may affect your Levemir® dose.


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