Helpful materials to download and use today

Whether you’re getting ready for an appointment with your health care provider, or you’re looking for a way to track your blood sugar from day to day, we’ve got tools to help. Each of the resources below is available as a PDF you can download and print out to start using today.

Doctor Discussion Guides to use at your next appointment

Choose the guide that best identifies where you are with your diabetes care, and follow these steps to prepare for a conversation with your health care provider:

  1. Click on one of the buttons below to download the guide to your computer
  2. Print it out
  3. Mark the questions you’d like to ask
  4. Prioritize your concerns
  5. Use the Doctor Discussion Guide at your next appointment
Diabetes & insulin

Recently diagnosed with diabetes? This guide can help you talk to your health care provider about blood sugar testing and how insulin therapy works.

View a printable PDF of the guide


Considering Levemir®

If you have diabetes and are considering Levemir® for insulin therapy, this guide can help you talk to you health care provider. about what makes Levemir® different and how it may work for you.

View a printable PDF of the guide


Taking Levemir®

Currently taking Levemir®? This guide provides questions to ask your health care provider about your prescription and how to fit Levemir® into your lifestyle.

View a printable PDF of the guide


Stay on top of your numbers with a blood sugar diary

Our Blood Sugar Diary can help you keep track of your blood sugar so you can see patterns in your numbers over time. With this information, you and your health care provider can make better decisions about your diabetes treatment plan.

View a printable PDF of the diary


Get more tools to help track your blood sugar and support your daily progress

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