Storage of Levemir®

How to store Levemir® that has not been opened:
  • Unopened Levemir® should be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature range between 36° and 46°F (2° and 8°C)
  • Do not freeze Levemir® or use if frozen
  • Keep unopened Levemir® in the carton to protect from light
  • Unopened Levemir® can stay in the refrigerator until expiration. See the expiration date on the box
How to store Levemir® FlexTouch® once in usea:
  • Keep at room temperature, below 86°F (30°C) and not refrigerated for up to 42 days
  • Do not store Levemir® FlexTouch® that you are using in the refrigerator
  • Keep away from direct heat or sunlight
  • Dispose after 42 days, even if there is insulin left in it

aThese same storage guidelines also apply to Levemir® FlexPen®.

How to store Levemir® vials once in use:
  • Vials must be kept in the refrigerator or at room temperature below 86°F (30°C) for up to 42 days
  • Keep vials away from direct heat or light
  • Throw away an opened vial after 42 days of use, even if there is insulin left in the vial

Tips for traveling with Levemir® FlexTouch®

  • Levemir® FlexTouch® can go almost anywhere, since you can keep it in your pocket, purse, or bag
  • If you’re in a warm climate, remember to keep Levemir® FlexTouch® out of direct sunlight and at room temperature (below 86°F) once in use
  • Bring extra supplies with you in case you lose your Levemir® FlexTouch®


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