Get additional help with your insulin therapy and diabetes management

A little help never hurts when you’re living with diabetes. Cornerstones4Care® is a free program from Novo Nordisk that can help you stay on track with your insulin therapy. Benefits of Cornerstones4Care® include:

  • Helpful emails tailored for you based on your needs and preferences
  • Access to a website packed with tools, tips, and educational information to help you follow your diabetes care plan

See how people with type 2 diabetes are getting help from Cornerstones4Care®

Get unlimited access to customizable diabetes care tools and resources

Sign up for Cornerstones4Care® and get unlimited access to tools that can help you organize your daily activities and tailor a care plan to your needs. Use these tools to:

  • Look up the nutritional content of most supermarket items
  • Plan healthy, delicious meals using recipes and food exchange lists
  • Create an exercise routine that fits with your daily life
  • Schedule health care provider appointments into your calendar