Diabetes-related websites and resources

Find useful information and support for managing diabetes from professional organizations and reputable companies.

Diabetes resources

Cornerstones4Care® — A free online resource from Novo Nordisk offering meal and exercise plans, blood sugar tracking tools, tips, recipes, and other lifestyle tools for people with diabetes.

dLife — A diabetes community website with articles, tools, and resources for disease management.

Your Total Health — An online resource from iVillage that informs you about tests, treatment, and diabetes prevention.

Professional organizations

American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists — An organization dedicated to serving the interests of people with diabetes and other diseases and the health care providers who treat them.

American Association of Diabetes Educators — An organization of health care professionals who provide self-management education to people with diabetes.

American Diabetes Association — A hub for people with diabetes, featuring helpful tools, resources, medical information, and stories from people living with the disease.